Together Alone / The Horse & You

Why do we lift? Why do we push, pull and heave? Maybe its due to our inner desire to push back on the people who want to pull us down. Maybe we heave to move the boulders that stand in our way. It’s your path, heave those boulders & slam bars!  Your path, know one else. Don’t forget this. Yes, support is a beautiful thing, but the beauty blossoms when the support that is supporting your beautiful endeavor succeeds, and success lies within you.  In order to succeed in your journey, you must push those out of your lives who bring pain and negativity. We must pull those we love closer to our hearts. We must heave our dreams high so we can reach for them everyday. Without dreams, we are left numb and captive to the ones who want to mold and sculpt us into something we are not.  Or worse, We are left Vulnerable to people who see us as stepping-stones in their own personal goals and endeavors. For their dreams are nightmares to us, something we never want nor will ever take part in.

We want to reach our potential through our own values, not those of others. It’s only when you are alone, is when those who truly care for you show up. When you are constantly looking, the people you seek will take when you’re not looking.  A good friend and support group will pull for you, not pull you down. The horse sinking in the sand must be pulled up from death to light. Pull that horse up like you do the bar. Please don’t miss this lift, and don’t let the white horse die. Do you remember how you got here to this blog?  Yes, loving life and lifting to better ones life. Now pull that horse up and let’s then grab a bite.

Together we are strong, alone we are weak, to stand alone together is how to truly pull the horse back onto its feet. From the sand to running at pr’s…we will never accept defeat. Together alone is how to gain strength to compete. It’s how we speak to each other without words. Together alone is how train hard when the body is tired, knowing that someone across the world is going through the same, well…for some reason it takes away the pain. The less pain we have, the more strength we have to slay the dragon.

Yes, the morning’s are foggy, so our vision lies low. Lets push, pull and heave this sword through the lions neck, watching the blood draw down our chalky hands as if water through mud. See you in the gym my friend, alone and together.



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