The Morning Joe News

In other news, the Weightlifting world has taken a turn for the worst. Athletes have shed their skin, guts and all internal organs have been thrown to the wind. “How is this possible?”  The BBC news asked on Monday’s “Morning Joe”. Skeletons don’t talk they do, so sorry Morning Joe…no answer for you.  While the sun tucks the rest of the sleeping beauties in, the skeletons of the dark are awaken by the brightness of the night sky. Yells and screams are heard from street corners to fire stations, from garages to gyms around the world. “Ground shakes!” The neighbors desperately try to explain the ongoing disruptions while they sleep. Looking around for someone to blame but always falling short, because a skeleton in the day time looks, well…..just like you. Coffee shops seem to open unannounced, as skeletons share Weightlifting stories with battle scars to show. The night is just getting started, for the training is yet to show.

From town to town these creatures of the dark seem to take over the Weightlifting world.  When skeletons train, the normal world soon turns into the world of Weightlifting. Coffee shops filled with bones of white and eyes of dark as keys type on boards that are connected to screens of dreams. An orchestra of skeletons play outside on 1st and Pike. Violin strings scream songs of sad, as other skeletons embrace their past as gusts of wind swirl past.  Every skeleton is an outcast, but in numbers they cast a shadow from one gym to the next. Some skeletons prefer garages, some barbell clubs and others prefer CrossFit gyms. What’s your poison? Every session in the gym is a ballroom dance to these skeletons. They lift to dance, they dance to lift. A celebration of some sort, as they hug and bond. In my reporting I just can’t seem to make out why they are celebrating, maybe I just don’t have the Weightlifting bond.

The sun starts to rise and the skeletons of the dark disperse. Where do they go? I have no idea. Maybe these skeletons live amongst us throughout the day without us even knowing. Who knows….maybe I am a skeleton writing this article in the Morning Joe. Who really knows?

PS: You reading this might want to check your closet door….it’s probably open…


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