All In

Why the thought to become a champion? Just become one. The early morning sounds are filled with nothing until you do something. Fill your coffee with not cream, but chalk. Let yourself go. Stop holding yourself back. Extra shot in the coffee on a simple morning as sleep washes away from your eyes while the windshield wipers clear your vision. An extra shot for turning a simple thought into reality. You must risk everything, for without risk we have nothing. The shit we think we need, we need no more. Love, family and dreams we must work for. A simple task filled with an all in push for one’s desire to overcome the doubt in one’s head. What others say is shut down by the slam of your car door. You walk into the gym with so much more. Loud but silent, one slips into warm ups with serenity. Yes, this bar is due for a tune up, but your strength needs it more. Live in reality my friend, don’t live in thought.

Who needs you? That’s the question you should ask yourself when trying to figure what’s important in life. You know who depends on you, that’s easy. Now figure out all who don’t and move on. Don’t forget yourself throughout this process. You need you, in order for you to be there for them. The bar from ground to overhead is more than a sport, but true strength within. Touching those like family to conquer the danger that creeps around every turn, you must be strong in order to protect. For the dragon must be slaughtered so the fire doesn’t touch the ones we love. Shankle kills wolves and lions; what do you kill? Find what you need to protect and you will find what you must kill.

In order to organize your training you must organize what’s important. Going all in does not mean training full-time, it means giving those that love you all of you. Reach for the people unknown, to help many is helping your serenity. For their light will shine as your path will only continue to blind those who hate. But we must keep our circle close, because the circle is the energy and the power that gives us the strength to reach within ourselves to reach others. Without the circle we are lost without boundaries and direction.

If you are doing it for you, you are doing it for them. The one who is selfish in action will truly affect those who are in need of self-satisfaction.

No go do it! Become a champion!


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