The Elitist Coach

A skeptic to the point of blindness. Eyes wide shut as life passes by. There for the taking, only to be taken away from a lack of desire. Ambition runs deep, but pride kills the weak. The elitist mind-set is cancer to the set of values one must accumulate to fully better ones self. So elite, one forgets the most simple tool…to listen. The betterment of others is dependent on ones passion to be selfish in ones love, for others will blossom from the sentimental emotion connected from speaker to listener as a hand to glove. Without the desire to learn more, without love, others will fall short from ones short-comings and lack of. When given the chance to be helped to help, the coach of this matter will seem to choose helplessness. Finding time to take down others to build oneself. That just might be their greatest tool for building up, to only fall victim to a break-down of business and self-worth.

A one way road leads to a one way ticket to satisfaction. A world filled with endless acres of sand lots for heads to wallow in, take part in, and become lost within. A certain fear drives these coaches to hide when options present themselves. A fear that turns opportunity into a competition. Succeed from others into a justified opposition. Swatted down before the root uplifted from the ground. Remarkable how a coach can cast upon such negativity in a career of life changing opportunities. See, I look at coaching as therapy. To help someone is the most rewarding self fulfillment I can think of.  I think it because I have felt it. The understanding of being apart of one journey in a positive and product way will set the path for any one seeking to experience such therapy.

What are you scared of? Change? Indifference? The sculpture of success must be chiseled everyday, one without an edge will wast away. Come out from yourself. The world is not after you nor is your community. We are no the bad guy. Stop hiding from yourself and join the fight. People depend on you my friend, even you depend on your insight. Step forward and lay your sword down, you will feel so much lighter. The days will be brighter. Most importantly…the people around you will be happier.


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