The Bar & The Mic

Special announcement : The bench I sit on outside uplifts me from the snow. My breath steamy as my eyes lay low. A new beginning, a new life to live and let show. What do you want from me? What is my next move? The wind blows as my hands turn red, holding the coffee cup of dark. I ask questions because the answer I have not. I want to reach people from all walks of life, dreams of different and outlooks of many. I want my skeletons to dance with yours, sharing stories with a shoulder to listen and one to cry on. I want you to enter my closet to listen to an orchestra of regret, sadness, success and love. I want my darkness to shed light on yours, as your closet opens with opportunity and more. Let motivation ring in the face of death, for once we are gone, is when life is left.

A new thought sits next to me as my coffee stained lips slurp my coffee stained cup. A thought filled with a new outreach for many I can touch. So badly I want to help others, while demanding their shine, as their confidence grows and their life begins to change, well….so does mine. The new thought leans in and whispers a whisper, cold but warm from the voice being protected from the winter. Walk on stage naked and free, with a mic in hand for people to see. Let your life speak, for once it was taken, so much to give, so much taken. Give to others your naked truth, and they will be touched with a new breath in your lungs, the possibilities are endless when reaching within. For people can fully give in to a new outlook on life, as motivation and insight hit the soul just right. The voice then vanished as I turned my head, once sitting next to me, and now gone and out of sight. Just a cold empty bench in the snowy night. That’s right, I must reach more people, this is the goal. This is my life. My plan is to share and talk about the fight. Seminars I will continue, as they reach coast to coast, but now I must, I have to, I have been asked to reach out for more.

Motivational speaking at colleges is the beautiful whisper I so badly adore. An afternoon on a mic and stool, I will give my life to the kids of school. With coffee in my hand, stories will come to life, as my heart beats, my advice will pound deep, as my mistakes will be given twice while my achievements will shoot sharp and profound. My philosophy will hit hard, and yell I just might. I will point to you in the audience…and demand that you show no fear! I will tell my story of going for it, and how my success became so dear. If I can just help, that’s why I am here. If I can give hope, then that’s what I woke to share. If I can change a life from stage to auditorium, the water in my eye is worth every tear. I am happy to announce The Attitude Nation, Inc. will soon be releasing The Bar & a Mic Motivation Tour, by Jon North. I will be public speaking and conducting a lifting expo at colleges around the world. The website tab, details, and full info coming soon on If you and your school is interested in having me out to speak and lift email:


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