My Bracelet

I keep my hospital bracelet on for one simple reason, and that is the sentimental times I shared in the hospital with my friends and family. In strength I have the Lord, so the bracelet does not give me anything but beautiful memories. The bracelet does not give me direction, for the Lord does. The bracelet does not remind me of my past, the skeletons of the dark do. My skeletons don’t cry as much. They don’t scratch at my closet door as long as before. The songs my skeletons play in The Dark Orchestra don’t sound so sad anymore. For my skeletons have been saved. Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins & rose on the 3rd day.  Jesus Christ healed my skeletons and gave them strength, and eternal life filled with love and forgiveness. Forgiveness from my mistakes, my burdens and my horrible decisions. They are set free. Yes, free will is given to them, but their plan is written. With a heart wide open, ears listening and eyes in view, the free will will lead us, speak to us and guide us to our purpose in this life. Just keep listening, and looking.  Each string that screams a tone of pain and courage from their boney fingers to the bow making love to the strings….is a sin leaving one soul. Play for days straight and let the Lord take your sins as you focus on walking in His shoes. Let the Lord take your sins as you try to never sin again. Be light, for others are so heavy, and we must focus on spreading the word to help others to in return help ourselves.  Spread the good Word, live free, get saved.


My bracelet represents those I hugged, kissed and cried with in the hospital. For such a horrible incident at the time, nothing but love and positivity has come from me dying. My writing to you now is a perfect example. You reading this, I would not be writing this if it wasn’t for God. He told me to. Not in words, but in feeling. I don’t remember what the Gold Figure and I talked about on the other side, but maybe this was one of the things? I might have been spared to spread His word directly to you, who knows? I am still breathing to speak of my story and His glory. Best thing I have ever done living on this earth is dying on this earth. The love my heart has been filled with is unexplainable. My forgiveness to others is unexplained. My apologies to certain people is unlike me. Writing about God is not like me, but this is not the old me, this is a new me. A me where God now lives inside me. I feel it as I type. I shed tears as I write. My skin turns bumpy as my hair stands tall, I have a feeling in my soul that speaks to me and helps me stand tall. The old Jon North never woke. I truly believe this. I feel that I am from somewhere else, walking as a past person, in order to reach, well….you.

My bracelet reminds me that friends flew across the country to see me. I tear up right now, no lie. I just can’t believe it. My wife’s lips never felt so soft. My mom’s kiss never felt so warm. My dad’s hands never felt so comforting and big! My step-dad’s eyes never looked at me with so much love. Lincoln’s checks were extra soft and smooth, as his dinosaur roars filled my heart with home. The nurses and the doctors treated me so kindly and caring. The love from the hospital can not be explained. I still can’t get over how beautiful my time in the hospital was, beauty after death, death before life, while a new life surrounds me everyday, as my heart empties negativity and only allows the feelings from the hospital to enter from here on out.


My time in the hospital will live within me forever. I will live everyday as I am in the hospital. I will feel and see my hospital bracelet as a reminder of how I want everyday to be. How complete strangers can love others. How important family and friends are. How unimportant other things in life we cherish should be swept to the side. Don’t stop loving once the love is gone from the room or situation. Take the love from a certain situation and carry it with you to all situations! It’s up to you to seek out God’s word, strength, and love. He has been speaking to you for a while, your entire life now. Are you listening? Are you seeing? Look! Feel! Now accept Him and begin a new life. A bracelet is just a memory, for the Lord is eternity.

God is good.


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