Extra Credit

I live everyday of my life as extra credit. Something I never did in school, regrettably. Something I never did before I died, regrettably. Now I would regret not living life everyday to the fullest. Extra days have given me the extra credit to spend wildly on love and joy.  This credit has given me the understanding what life can be, and that is true happiness. Happy to be alive to live, love, be joyful, to reach others and most importantly spread the word of God.  I now look at my life as extra. Extra breaths to speak, extra kisses from my wife, extra hugs from my son, extra holidays with famly. Extra is such a tool that cannot go untold or un-used. It is my duty to take full advantage of this new life I live. I now have extra days to learn more about God while spreading the love of God. I have been given extra time on this planet; and you better bet your bottom dollar I am giving all the credit to the Lord. Yes, the Portland Zoo medics and the Doctors of OHSU saved me, but only through the grace of God in his plan for them, and his plan for me. (I will be visiting the zoo soon to give my deep thanks, stay tuned for pictures and later blog). (Also sending thank you cards to each Doctor and nurse at OHSU).  I will use this credit I have been given to live everyday fighting the devil, praising Gods glory, while working hard as I carry out his plan. Through God I am strong, not through a Weightlifting program, but a program written by God. I might not know it now, but I will continue writing, coaching and loving my family everyday as his path for me takes shape. For now this extra blog I write has me extra excited to reach you the reader, to let you know that you must live everyday as extra.


It’s sad to think that everyday and every moment I live could not of happened. I hold my son tight and strong during the pumpkin tractor ride as my wife smiles and waves at us approaching the fields of pumpkins we get to pick out as a family. This is all extra. this reality and understanding brings multiple different emotions to me. The first is I start to absolutely panic. Nausea comes over me and I begin to clinch my hands full of sweat by the fact this pumpkin ride with my son would not be happening if I never came back to life. I start to grab the muddy hay I sit on to make sure its real in my hands. I smell my sons wavy blond hair to me make sure I am truly with him, and not a ghost that watches over my family finding out one day I am really not alive, as I watch them carry on eventually with their lives without me. The thought alone has stopped my typing a few different times. Second is the reality! I am alive! God has blessed me with a second life right here on this pumpkin ride with my son’s hair in my face and my wife’s blinding white teeth smiling from ear to ear across from us waving! God is great and this moment is a true blessing. We must start looking at life like this, like me. I am just a simple example that the moments we live are truly magical, for they could easily never have happened……


The meet/comp/show you have this weekend, do me a favor; sit in the back row for a few minutes by yourself and take in the moment. Pray to God giving him the glory, not the program, coaching, nor you as the athlete. Take in the fact you are alive and doing what you love. Watch the smiles and the people high-five and hug all around you as the meet starts to get rolling. Notice all the people putting in a helping hand to make this meet possible. Don’t just notice the love, but feel it. Truly. Take in the fact that this could be extra credit for you. how do you know it’s not? Every car that passes you on the road while your driving…..how do you know that God didn’t stop a mother of 3 in the mini van from reaching down to grab her phone?  How do you know the scary miss above your head in training wasn’t going to break your neck and kill you without the re-direction of God? How do you know this?  Your heart started to beat in your mom’s stomach, how do you think that heart started beating?…..I will tell you, the love of God. You want to know how your heart didn’t and hasn’t stopped from beating….the love from God. Yes, free will is given to us, but God has a plan for all of us. I know there is some debate about free will verse God’s interaction and plan for us. Like my pastor Brett from Athey Creek says “it’s called faith”. period. I believe plans are given to us in small tasks and big ones. You sitting in the back row of the meet taking in life and Gods glory is a task. A task for you, a task for him and a task that will touch others. By being inspired reader, you are inspiring. Let’s just stop for a second, thank the lord for this moment, this day, and this life and then carry on with our beautiful lives. If your reading this and you don’t think your life is beautiful, email me so we can chat.  jonnorth105@gmail.com  I am here for you and anyone who needs me.


God is good.




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