The Diagnosis

If you couldn’t lift again, what would you do? Without competition, who are you? These are questions in my head, whispering to me wherever I go, and reminding me as I slowly walk up the stairs to bed.  After much thought, and some deep diving, I answer the first question with; Live. I want to live to be alive, telling my story for others to continue theirs. I want to live for my family, raising my son to be proud and strong, bold and polite, kind and loving, happy and sweet. I want to have many kids, as many as my wife will give me! 2,3,4,5 even 6! Bigger the family, more of a blessing. I want to live for my wife. Live to make her happier everyday while protecting her and loving her till we both die of old age baking a cake before family movie night. What a way to go, this next time around. I want to live to coach, giving back to others what others have given to me. My success has been on the backs of so many, it’s time to show the world how thankful I am. As Dave Spitz once said, “It takes a village to raise Jon North”. He couldn’t be more right. With that said, it’s time to put together all I have to give to reach others and inspire those who want and need to be lifted. A village of stories, emotions, mistakes, and achievements given to the ones I have the opportunity to touch and work with. I live to now give back to people who were in the same shoes I was 13 years ago, 10 years ago, or who knows……..2 years ago.  The timeline is filled with value, and value I will give. I live for God, last but never least. I live for His grace, giving me a second chance at life to be a better me, to be a better husband, father and coach. He breathed air into my lungs for my lungs to speak of His love. I got saved by God, and God saved me.  Dead to Sin, Alive to God (Romans 6:13). Do not present the parts of your body to sin as instruments of wickedness, but present yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life; and present the parts of your body to Him as instruments of righteousness.


I might not be able to lift again as I patiently and nervously await for a diagnosis from my doctors. The beauty about weightlifting is that once it’s a part of you, it lives within you for all time. I now lift in other’s shoes. As they lift I lift, and the joy I am finding this brings to me is remarkable. Coaching knowing you can lift yourself makes coaching not as moving. Watching others move from your coaching purely without ever touching a bar yourself makes for the bar they touch even more breathtaking. Living within an athlete makes me feel more alive than before, as I coach my online athletes daily while fist pumping and typing. I coach with a new meaning than before, the reality of my love for weightlifting being in the hands of others makes for my demand, excitement and focus even more detailed as a coach. I can feel when they grab the bar. I can see what they see when they are under that spinning bar. I can definitely feel the excitement when my athletes make a lift. I can also understand and relate to the athletes in my dinning room chair when they miss a lift or have a session that did not go their way. I never say bad, and I even had to delete the word “bad” from my writing just now, reminding myself that there are no bad days in weightlifting. We are alive, living and happy, doing what we love and getting better everyday no matter what.  This my friend, is what life is all about.


I can tell you now, life is beautiful and you should never waste a day being upset. Never waste a day being depressed. Never ever waste a day on the negatives, for as you breathe you are in God’s hands, and if you are reading this now, it’s obvious to me that God wants you lifting weights, thriving in the gym, and inspiring others through the barbell He gave us.  You’re reading this for a reason. I am typing this for a reason. Whatever my diagnosis is, God is good, and weightlifting is so fun. Once a gym rat, always a gym rat. Goodnight.

The magic in the barbell 2016 on beyond…..


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